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Vital Trail Facts

Overall Length – 26.4 miles

Enosburg Falls to Richford

The trail parallels the Missisquoi River with outstanding views. The landscape offers a nice mix of sunny farmland, shaded forests, and quiet wetlands. Good segment for bird watchers. Multiple crossings of VT 105.

Please thank our local business owners for their generosity in providing restrooms, water, and other services that benefit trail users!

Enosburg Falls
Miles 16-17
Enosburg FallsEnosburg Falls was a unique community in the 1800s due in part to Dr. Kendall and his Spavin Cure medicinal recipes. Bone spavin is a bony growth within the lower hock (ankle) joint of horse or cattle. It is caused by osteoarthritis or the final phase of degenerative joint disease. In the 1870s, Dr. B.J. Kendall’s cure for horse spavin and the completion of the Missisquoi Valley Railroad propelled the sleepy village of Enosburg Falls into a center for business and residential development.
In the 1900s and continuing today, the dairy industry became very important. Enosburgh became known as the “Dairy Capital of the World” with a bustling and vibrant downtown known as Enosburg Falls. Since 1956, the annual “June Dairy Days” festival has celebrated Enosburgh’s agricultural heritage. Held the first weekend in June, the festival provides activities for all ages, including live music, cow paddy bingo, garden tractor pulls, the “Milk Run” footrace, and a parade.

Postcard Perfect
Miles 17-22
Postcard PerfectThe landscape returns to postcard-perfect views of Missisquoi River rapids, Jay Peak, and adjacent farms. This is a relaxed and spectacular section for those who like a varied landscape, and a beautiful segment for fall foliage viewing. Use caution when crossing VT 105.
While the trail grade is minimal, you may notice its effects if you are cycling east. Although the trail looks flat, this section requires steady pedaling to keep you moving. For cyclists heading west, you'll have a nice coasting ride into Enosburg Falls.
Travelers heading north have a spectacular view of Jay Peak, an historic iron bridge, and adjacent farmland. Northbound users can also see the foundation of a former power station dam in the Missisquoi River near Samsonville. The dam once powered several mills and an electric plant. Its breached remains offer challenging rapids for experienced river paddlers along the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, a 740-mile water trail tracing historic Native American travel routes across New York, Vermont, Québec, New Hampshire, and Maine. The Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail parallels the Canoe Trail along the Missisquoi River through Franklin County.

Birder’s Pleasure
Miles 22-25
SongbirdThe first part of this section provides a relaxed ride through an agricultural landscape. Use extra caution when crossing VT 105 on the east side of East Berkshire. Cyclists who want to extend their trip can leave the trail with a choice of on-road loops to Montgomery and Montgomery Center.
CardinalNear mile 24, the trail heads off into the countryside through sunny fields, shaded forests, and sweet-smelling pines. Enjoy the historic railroad trestle over the Missisquoi River near mile 23.5. Stop for a while and enjoy the sound of rippling water. This section is an excellent choice for birders. Bring your binoculars and look for plovers in the wetland near mile 25.

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Mile 25 to Trail End at Troy Street
RichfordEarly settlers in Richford were wilderness pioneers who smuggled products to Canada as their principal livelihood in the early 1800s. The arrival of the railroad in the late 1800s opened world markets for the sale of virgin mountain timber and local produce. Social and economic ties to Canada continue today as Richford’s residents strive to create a community with economic opportunities and strong local pride.
The Town hosts concerts and festivals, such as Old Home Days and Hometown Harvest. The Town is currently working to extend the trail into the village, and eventually to the Canadian border. For now, cyclists can make an on-road connection to Canada following directions to la Route verte.

Service Information

Postcard Perfect (Miles 17 - 22)

Parking, Restrooms, Phone, Water – The Dairy Center and Rail Trail Sales & Service are located on VT 105 east of mile 19. Check with businesses before parking your car.

Bench, Bicycle Rack – Benches are located near mile 18.5 and just after mile 20. The Dairy Center has a bicycle rack.

Restaurant, Lodging – Restaurant and lodging are available at The Dairy Center.

Air, Snowmobile Repair, Bicycle Repair Supplies – Rail Trail Sales & Service has air and equipment to make repairs.

East Berkshire (Mile 21.75)

Parking, Picnic Table, Bicycle Rack, Information – A parking area is currently under development in East Berkshire along the trail near Victorian Touch. The expected date of construction is 2008. When completed, it will have a picnic table, bicycle rack, and trail information. Dick & Pam’s Market, the Pond Country Store (on VT 118), Saint’s Quick Stop, and JD’s Pub have opened their parking for trail users.

Restaurant – JD’s Pub serves lunch and dinner.

Convenience Store, Deli, Ice Cream, Bicycle and Snowmobile Repair Supplies – Dick & Pam’s Market and Saint’s Quick Stop make deli sandwiches and sell convenience items. The Pond Country Store (summer only) sells snacks and beverages. Saint’s Quick Stop sells small repair items for bicycles and snowmobiles.

Restrooms, Phone, Water – Saint’s Quick Stop and JD’s Pub have opened their restrooms to trail users and fill water bottles. Saint’s Quick Stop and JD’s Pub have a public telephone. The Pond Country Store, Saint’s Quick Stop, and Victorian Touch will fill water bottles.

Gas, Maps, ATM – Gas, travel maps, and an ATM are available at Dick & Pam’s Market and at Saint’s Quick Stop. Both have access to the Missisquoi River.

Birder’s Pleasure (Miles 22 - 25)

Parking, Restaurant, Ice Cream, Restrooms, Water – Open in summer only, the Pine Cone Snack Bar has opened its parking and restrooms to trail users, fills water bottles, and sells ice cream and creemees.

Bench – Benches are located near mile 22.4, 22.7 and 24.4.

Richford (Mile 25 to Trail End at Troy Street)

Parking – A municipal lot on the street behind Mayhew’s Corner Store accommodates trailers. Wetherby’s Quick Stop on Main Street and the Pinnacle Peddler (trailers) on VT 105 will share their parking (please don’t block store customers).

Picnic Table, Bench – The Pinnacle Peddler, Wetherby’s, the Pink Lady, and Mayhew’s have picnic tables. A bench is located near mile 25.3.

Restaurant – Claude’s Riverside Pub, River Street House of Pizza, and The Crossing on VT 139. Golden Wok on Main Street.

Convenience Store, Deli, Ice Cream – Mayhew’s Corner Store on VT 139, Wetherby’s Quick Stop on Main Street, and the Pinnacle Peddler on VT 105 sell convenience items and make deli sandwiches. South Main Quick Stop sells convenience items. Mayhew’s sells creemees. The Pinnacle Peddler has hard ice cream. The Peddler also has health foods and a country store.

Restrooms, Phone, Water – Wetherby’s Quick Stop, South Main Quick Stop, and Claude’s Pub make their restrooms, telephone, and water available. Mayhew’s on VT 139 fills water bottles and has telephones. The Crossing, House of Pizza, and the Pinnacle Peddler fill water bottles and have restrooms. The Pink Lady on Main Street has restrooms.

Gas, Air, Maps, ATM, Snowmobile and Bicycle Repair Supplies – Gas, air, and travel maps are available at Wetherby’s Quick Stop, South Main Quick Stop, and the Pinnacle Peddler. Mayhew’s Corner Store on VT 139 has travel maps. Wetherby’s and Mayhew’s have an in-store ATM. Wetherby’s has a small selection of accessories for snowmobiles and bicycle repair.

Lodging – The Crossing on VT 139 as well as Grey Gables Mansion, a bed–and-breakfast on River Street

River Access – Behind Wetherby’s Quick Stop, and across the street from Grey Gables in Davis Park.

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